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A bar made by God himself
on 02/08/2013
Im going straight to the point I have sever acne. Nothing has worked my acne keeps getting worse.My skin is VERY sensitive even to moisturizers! This bar cleared up 90% of acne in two days what was there for years was gone b4 my weekend was over. Scars took about 2 weeks to disappear along with my enlarged pores and blackheads with them. My skin went from combo acne sensitive to Glowing clear normal skin! It's PH balanced doesn't strip skin formulated for sensitive skin! Lasts for 1 year per bar! The bar dries quickly to prevent bacteia growth on it! No wierd or harsh ingriedients! Doesn't strip skin at all! Skin balancing! Dermatologist recommended Doctor recommend it's clinacly proven! Cheap and made for everyone old and small!