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on 02/08/2013
This works for some people, but those of us who reacted badly, or just didn't help at all and are desperate try neem oil. works better. or epsom salt mixed with honey or even sandalwood powder and make a paste.
Gets rid of blackheads. USE RAW HONEY (or manuka above +18)
on 02/08/2013
Would rather use this to wash my face than anything else, really has helped better than anything i've ever tried to get rid of blackheads on my nose (tried ocm, all acid peels, all scrubs including coffee and microdermabrasian, epsom salts, urine therapy etc etc)<br/>but when i want to really dry out my white heads quickly i use african black soap (a simplistic formula not containing palm oil)<br/>in conjunction with taking standardised saw palmetto my acne has disappeared forever.
on 02/08/2013
I give it three because it is not harmful, but neither is it useful. If it has worked well for you, it's like an easy way out of exercising for skins' benefit. Sweating is a preferable method and the blood flow will heal your skin 4x faster (look up medical research). Prefer honey for getting rid of blackheads and it works better long term to take nettle leaf supplements or saw palmetto. If you like the glow, use some diluted lemon or lime juice or argan oil (don't be afraid, hugely beneficial for skin)
Placebo - practically vaseline
on 02/08/2013
Contains parabens, leave's a film(!?), no considerable improvement, just vastly more gentle than other skin strippers cleansers. There is SO much better out there, being a guru of skin, i have tried everything there possibly is to try and spent thousands of pounds. Cetaphil is part of the waste of time and money category - try raw honey instead (actually gets rid of blackheads), or african black soap (use with caution if sensitive skinned, but great on body acne)