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Amazing!! :DD
on 02/08/2013
I have had pretty bad acne for about 5 years, since I was in 5th grade until this year. And like most teenagers I've been super self conscious about it and would try almost anything to get rid of it. My freshman year I started to run and all the face washes I used caused my skin to burn when I sweated. My mom saw this and I gave it a try. At first there wasn't any huge results but my face wasn't burning when I sweated anymore and i had to finish the bottle so I kept using it about halfway through the bottle I started to actually notice my skin was clearer. And a couple months after using it it was very noticeable to me I wasn't afraid to look in a mirror anymore it wasn't completely cleared up but of course i am a teen with crazy hormones an i don't have the best diet ever, but i was no longer so self conscious about it. Unfortunately I cant seem to find anymore and my acne has gotten slightly worse but it isn't as bad as when I started.