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Cleared up my acne
on 19/01/2014
Dianette has cleared my hormonal acne beautifully. However this took about 3 months and in those 3 months I broke out terribly, losing hope it would work for me several times but it eventually did work. I haven't had a spot in over a month and I used to breakout daily!<br/>Here in the UK you can only be prescribed it for a few months and will have to switch to a different BCP soon but I hope this won't make my acne come back.<br/>If you are taking dianette, be patient. It does work but takes a while.
Keeps acne under control
on 10/09/2013
I've been using Differin every night for around 2 months now along with BP and Doxycycline. While this hasn't cured my acne, it seems to keep it under control most of the time. I still get the occasional cystic pimple on top of regular acne but overall it's improved.