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  1. You may be using too much of the benzoyl peroxide too quickly, and/or you may be allergic to it. It's a good idea to stop using it for a few weeks. In the meantime while your skin heals, I would suggest to use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. You may want to take medicine like tylenol or motrin for the pain and puffiness on your face, and make sure to drink a lot of water. Applying cool compresses gently to your face may help as well. As long as it didn't burn too badly, it should feel better in a few days.
  2. So I'm at a cross road with my skincare. Currently I have mild acne that fluctuates during the month because of hormones; sometimes I will be clear, and other weeks I'll break out. Currently for skincare I use Grandpa's Soap Co Sulfur acne soap to wash in the evening with my Clarisonic, and apply a moisturizer. For a mask I will apply epsom salt to my skin to sit for 30 minutes about once a week. In the mornings I use a plain daily cleanser by salma hayek or ponds cold cream depending on what I think my skin needs. I still have mild hormonal acne, and so I have two different topicals to try. I am thinking of either Effacer Duo benzoyl peroxide OR Differin. With both of these topical I would use just my plain daily cleanser by salma hayek and my moisturizer. No more sulfur soap. Does anyone have opinions on which of these is better? What should I use?