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Good for Acne, Bad for Skin
on 23/10/2013
A few years ago my skin was plagued with moderate acne, no cysts. Proactiv helped to dry up the active acne, like pimples and whiteheads and this worked for about 2 months. After 3 months of useage my overall skin become pink and irritated because the product is way too harsh for regular skin.
Dries out Acne
on 01/08/2013
Just started using this 4 days ago and the the couple of spots I had are dried up and gone. Make sure to use it sparingly and only apply it to the affected area. It contains sulfur and a few other ingredients that can be drying, so make sure to only use it as a spot treatment.
Love this Stuff
on 01/08/2013
I've used bareminerals for over 6 years now, and it's the best makeup I've ever worn. I wear makeup on a regular basis, and this is the only makeup that I've used that feels like I have nothing on my skin. Liquid makeup feels like a mask, and other powders give so little coverage that you have to cake it on to look flawless. In my opinion, bareminerals is best for people that have very light to light/moderate acne and want a flawless finish to their skin. I have mild acne and this makeup does the trick. If you are looking for a makeup that will cover cystic or moderate/severe acne, this will not cover every flaw, but it feels very silky.
Whip up a Fresh New Face
on 01/08/2013
This mask is great if you're looking for something that is cost-effective, non-irritating, and helps smooth out your skin texture. I use the egg mask whenever my skin is broken out or is irritated from other products. This mask soothes red, upset broken-out skin. After about 5 minutes, the mask gets super tight and can be very itchy and uncomfortable, but if you wait it out, it is worth it. After you wash it off, your pores will have shrunk immensely in size, any red areas with be less red, and bumpy areas are flatter. I definitely recommend this for once a week use. If over-used, your skin will become dry.
Skin Transformer
on 01/08/2013
The clarisonic has changed my life and made my skin so much better. I began using it in December of 2012 when my skin was moderately severe and now 8 months later my acne is very mild. My skin used to be very bumpy with hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and it seemed like I was having a never ending breakout. My skin is now super smooth, even toned and my breakouts are only around that time of the month.