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Tretinoin .025 Gel: 1 Week Review
on 02/08/2013
I've been using Tretinoin .025 Gel for about a week now. I apply it every other night for my little pink/skin colored bumps on forehead/T-zone.<br/>So far, it's dried my skin out and made it pink :( my breakouts seem to have worsened a bit but nothing crazy. I have read that there is an initial breakout but since I have VERY mild acne to begin with I can deal!<br/>BE WARNED: this product makes your skin SUPER sensitive since it sloughs away layers of your face like crazy. I've had to stop using my PanOxyl Cream Wash, because although it normally works for me, the Tretinoin makes my skin far too sensitive for the PanOxyl. I've switched to Cetaphil wash, Hibiclens wash and CeraVe moisturizer.
Hibiclens ALWAYS delivers. THE BEST. :)
on 02/08/2013
If you have mild acne, mainly little papules that like to have parties on your forehead, DEFINITELY TRY THIS.<br/>I have used Hibiclens for years. I used it every once in a while as a young teen to battle occasional breakouts, but now that I'm 20 and breaking out I LIVE by it. My mild acne is primarily little pink/nude colored papules on my forehead/nose/cheeks. This dries them right up and makes my skin glow. I still haven't found out if this sudden breakout I'm experiencing this summer is bacterial/staph/simply clogged pores, but either way, this is GREAT.<br/>Be warned: it dries your skin out. But for me, it's non-irritating. Except when it gets in your eye; be super careful about that.