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Great Moisturizer for Regimen--but at a cost.
on 08/11/2013
Suffices to say, I would never apply any body cream to my face unless I wanted to breakout badly. That is, with this as an exception. I've used many high end creams (Estee lauder, Elisabeth Arden, etc) that boast of moisturizing ultra dry skin and proving 24 hours moisture and other nonsense.<br/>This is the only cream I found to actually deliver with that claim.<br/>When not using BP: It's texture is smooth and glides on well. It will leave a bit of shine. And if you sweat, it will start to run off. However it is a simple fragrant free moisturizer that does what it claims.<br/>When using BP: It's difficult to apply it as Dan says. It's sticky and will not glide well at first I find that if you wait a few minutes after applying it, it will warm up enough that you can smoothly glide it. Definitely will make your routine longer in the morning.<br/>Being in the regime now, I found after it has fully absorbed (within 5-10 minutes), my face will be quite shiney and sticky. I have to take a napkin (serviette, not tissue), unfold it open until it's thin sheet, and place it against my face. It can be a bit silly because the residue and stickiness of the cream will have the sheet stick easily to my face (walking paper napkin, whee!). But I basically blot off the excess, which works well. Pro tip: don't buy expensive oil-control paper, just use napkins :P.<br/>So, this cream does not work well under makeup. I find within 2-3 hours, I'll already have a shiny t-zone, and if I touch it, oils will easily transfer off.<br/>MOST IMPORTANTLY: Yes, this moisturizer balled up for me. After applying it, it was fine. But when applying makeup on top, the cream would ball up, and create an uneven canvas. So now I have to remove the balling by rubbing my face in a circular motion before putting on my cream. Quite cumbersome. I'm looking to switch now that the bp has caused me to develop some fine lines, and this cream cannot combat that.<br/>Lastly, this product is widely considered to clog pores (although it says it does not). I'm not sure if my issues are because of the cream. But it certainly doesn't make it better, if anything.<br/>When first starting the regimen, when my face was going through the dreaded hardening phase with excessive drive patches, this cream did wonders. If I did not apply cream, my face would be extremely tight and flaky. Immediately when this cream was applied, my face calmed.<br/>Yay long winded reviews!