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carleys clear and smooth
on 25/07/2013
When i first started using Carleys, i started with the Regular treatment....used it for a couple of months and i was still breaking out. i am 32 yrs. old and just started getting bad breakouts when i hit my 30's. Anyway, the regular treatment didnt do much for me, so i quit using it. I went back to using otc products and still was having bad acne. So, i gave Carleys another try, but this time i ordered the Kick A** Treatment. I am so glad i did!!!! Thats just what i needed!! Within 3 days of using the kick a** treatment, my acne was gone...i still get some pimples from time to time, around that time of the month, but they are gone with a couple of days. I use to get big hard acne cysts that only had waterery stuff come out of it (yes, i am a picker!) i no longer get those!! I use the scrub and natural soap in the morning, then use the soap at night before bed. I love the natural soap!!! It has a rich lather and it makes my skin soft. I even use the natural soap on my kids sometimes. I also use the daytime moisturizer from carleys and the mineral foundation. I love the makeup too!! Good coverage, and doesnt cause breakouts! If you have tried the regular formula from Carleys and didnt work for you, i would try the kick a** treatment. They sent me a sample size first, i requested it when i ordered soap one time. if you ask for a sample when ordering instead of just buying the big bottle first, that way you know if you like it. They always send lots of samples which i love, and i have a couple of samples of the spot cream called tamanu cream, and it does a wonderful job of getting rid of those nasty acne scars. i use it at night only on the spots that have scarring. Good luck and give it a try...and make sure you go by the instructions. its def. worth it!!!! :) Also, thet have a new tea tree formula if bp is not for you!! AWESOME!!!!<br/>* If you are female, i would recommend using the Carleys mineral foundation with the acne treatment. Regular otc foundation will clog pores!! it will be useless trying to get rid of your acne, then smearing foundation over your acne!! Not a good idea ;)