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skinoren experience
on 18/08/2013
worst treatment i have, i had 1 pimple in a week then i started using skinoren and i have 1 new pimple per day!!! i used it for month then i gave up and after two weeks i still have new pimple everyday, i dont know whats wrong... even cyst i have which i never had before, it may help someone but my opinion hands off! and yeaa... didnt help with red marks after 1 mont a bit!
differine review
on 18/08/2013
didnt do any miracles. after one month i switched to zynerit and it helped a lot more, so i would recommend different treatment, but this should help for someone.
2 chemical peels 50%
on 18/08/2013
help with small scarring, didnt help red marks, and i said i want red marks out.
review for spot treatment!
on 18/08/2013
sometimes it helps and clear pimple perfectly, sometimes i have feeling that pimple should heal faster without it
did nothing
on 18/08/2013
i used it for 3 months and ot did nothing but not much new pimples so thats good sign
perfect for few months
on 18/08/2013
it helped me from very bad acne really well, took 3 montha to complete clear now i after year i have acne back, but much smaller, erythromycin does not work anymore