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Not entirely full coverage but light weight
on 24/07/2013
I have been using bare minerals/bare essentials for almost a year, and I have noticed that my skin looks less shiny and oily. I also have noticed my pores are less clogged. This foundation powder for me, doesn't entirely cover acne, but it does a good job covering post acne marks and uneven skin tone colors. When applying the mineral veil afterwards, I do see a difference in setting the foundation but at the end of an eight hour day, I can definitely see a difference in the coverage and find myself touching up. I would love to find a makeup that is great for oily skin and keeps coverage all day :)
Great cleanser
on 24/07/2013
I've been using Neutrogena oil free acne wash for about 7 years now and I love the scent of the grapefruit wash. I recently got a clarisonic and instead of spending a lot of money on the clarisonic cleansers, I have been using it with my neutrogena cleanser. The combination of using my clarisonic with this product has helped tremendously with my skin. If I didn't use a moisturizer after cleansing, this product could potentially dry out my skin (although my skin is very oily) but other than that I love the price and this cleanser has worked for me for a long time now!
Felt sick from side effects
on 24/07/2013
At first I was prescribed an antibiotic which I loved but unfortunately my insurance did not cover it, so I was prescribed to minocycline and to take two 50mg per day. When I first started taking this medication, it worked, although I felt extremely sick to my stomach. I eventually decided to only take one 50mg tablet at night before bed, and this has seemed to work. I have been doing the one pill for over a year now, and when I first started taking this medicine, it worked right away, but eventually has been less effective. I have stopped taking this medication for a week and I did notice that my breakouts occurred more often when I was off the medicine, so it is working, just not as strong as I like. Again, I am pretty sure it would work more if I took two pills rather than just one, but my stomach can't seem to handle this.