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Great at first, not so great after a few months
on 20/07/2013
At first, I thought this was a godsend. My acne (which had gotten really bad after a few months on doxycycline) cleared up almost immediately. I still got the occasional pimple, but nothing like what I was getting before.<br/>The side effects didn't really affect me too much - occasional stomach aches, light-headedness, trouble switching focus from things a long way away to things close, but these seemed to come for a couple of days and then go away again.<br/>I was on two 50mg tablets a day (one in the morning, one at night). After about 2 months, I noticed that my rosacea redness and flushing (which I already had) was getting a lot worse. Sometimes, for no reason at all, I would flush for an hour or so, my face going bright red and burning like hell. This sometimes happened 7 or 8 times a day, and it was really making me depressed and anxious. I was constantly checking my face to see if I was flushing.<br/>I then learned that other people had had trouble with this medication and flushing, and my derm had previously mentioned cutting back from two tablets a day to one, so I decided to try that (just taking it at night). At this stage, I was more preoccupied with the redness than the pimples, so I reasoned that even if the pimples got worse, if the flushing stopped, I wouldn't mind.<br/>So I've been on 50 mg once a day for a couple of days now (also on Finacea at night) and this seems to be helping. I certainly haven't been flushing as much as I was before.<br/>All in all, this medication definitely worked better for me than the doxycycline, so if you've tried doxy and it didn't work, give this one a go. Just don't expect it to work on a long-term basis.
Working well so far
on 20/07/2013
I have only used this cream for about 4 days (just at night), but already I can see it working!<br/>I was really worried that it would exacerbate my redness from rosacea, but it really didn't. I didn't experience any burning, just some itching around where I have pimples.<br/>I now have a few big pimples on my cheeks, but from what I've read, these should go away as my skin adjusts to the Finacea. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I kind of feel like they're the last few that the Finacea is purging my skin of.<br/>I have extremely fair skin, and any pimples that I have (whether I pop them or not) leave bright red or pink marks. Subsequently, my face looks red all the time, which isn't helped by my rosacea. In fact, the hyperpigmentation makes the rosacea look a lot worse. As I said, I've only been using this cream for about 4 nights, but already I can see the marks fading!<br/>It also seems to be helping to limit my flushing from rosacea - although I have just cut back from two 50mg minocycline tablets a day to one (and some people find this medication to cause flushing, so it could be this that's helping rather than the Finacea).<br/>At night, after I wash with Cetaphil, I leave my skin for about 5 minutes. Then I dab little dots of the Finacea all over my face and gently rub it in. Then I leave it for another 5 minutes before putting Cetaphil moisturising lotion over the top. This system seems to be working well.<br/>I would definitely recommend giving this product a try - I am so sick of these pimples and red marks!