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Only thing which has worked
on 19/07/2013
I had quite severe cystic acne for over ten years, on and off, continuing into adulthood, and tried EVERYTHING. Eventually my derm prescribed me roaccutane which I was very reluctant to take; I wanted to avoid harsh chemicals, so starting using to research healthy alternatives. I started taking daily effervescent zinc (10mg), vitamin c (1000mg) and cod liver oil about 6 months ago and my acne has all but cleared up! I used to get really bad hormonal break outs around my chin and jaw (two or three new angry, painful cysts every morning which stayed on my face for months) but now maybe will get one small cyst every couple of weeks which goes within a week or two. I'm left with some red marks but these are starting to fade now too.<br/>My skin care regime has been the same for about a year (gentle cleansing and salicylic acid moisturiser), so it must be the supplements - I really can't recommend trying zinc enough! I never thought it would work, but it really has, and I can finally leave the house without make up!