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  1. Tazorac + Doxy Log

    My skin very much went downhill since my last post in March. I think a couple of things happened: 1. I stopped using Tazorac every night because I was using the gel, which was horribly drying for me. I was only using it every third night or so. 2. Extreme stress - my thesis was due in April, and I was incredibly stressed out from February through April. I think so much stress (and eating badly because of it) screwed up my hormones and caused my skin to clog. So, I ended up with a ton of clogged pores in late April/May. I got the (correct) Tazorac prescription (0.1% cream) in May-ish and began using it again about 5 or 6 nights per week. This led to an initial breakout in May/June/July, but also allowed my comedones to clear up. I think stressed caused my skin to clog up, but the combination of Ortho Cyclen regulating my hormones and Tazorac purging my clogs caused my skin to become much better. My current routine: AM Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser - this one is more gentle than Cera Ve Foaming (which is already very gentle), so I like it Nip and Fab Extreme Pads (every other day, or my skin will peel) Derma E Purifying Moisturizer PM Cetaphil Derma E Purifying Moisturizer Tazorac 0.1% cream I am considering changing from the Nip and Fab pads to some other BHA/AHA exfoliator. Maybe the Silk Naturals AHA toner? The Nip and Fab are just too harsh for everyday use, and I like to use something consistently every day. I may try to go back to the Paula's Choice gels which I used for years. I've also realized that BHA/AHA does not do much for my closed comedones - they are pretty much hormonally controlled. AHA/BHA makes my skin appear better overall. And I think they help with blackheads for me. I will continue to use one for these reasons, but they are certainly no miracle cure in terms of closed comedones - at my most clogged times, I was using them consistently. I may also use Finacea if my skin does not clear up completely. I'm so curious to see how my skin continues to improve (fingers crossed) - I'm interested to see the impact Ortho Cyclen has on my skin. I feel like the stress in the spring screwed everything up in terms of my hormones and skin, but now I guess I'll see what the birth control really does for my skin now that it's over.