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Not bad, and yet not good...
on 23/08/2013
I used this product for quite some time before realizing that it was doing absolutely nothing for my face. I don't think it was doing anything to damage my skin, but at the same time there were no benefits from using this product. It didn't remove my makeup, didn't leave my face feeling clean, and it didn't help with my acne. So, what was the point of me using this for an extended period of time? I have no idea.
Highly Recommend! :)
on 23/08/2013
I started using this cleanser after first going to an esthetician back in May. She was trying to sell me on the products that she sold through her business (as all professionals seem to), but I wasn't very willing to spend $50 on a cleanser that I had no previous experience with, Instead, I researched the products she recommended and set out on a mission to find a cheaper alternative! While shopping in CVS, I happened upon Effaclar. I quickly googled the product (thank goodness for IPhones) and read positive review after positive review! It actually contained less skin irritants than the ridiculously expensive products my esthetician was trying to sell me. Which is fantastic for my ridiculously sensitive skin. The pH balance is ideal (4.5) for a no nonsense cleanser. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals, it just removes my makeup nicely and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean! I would recommend this to anyone, for any skin type, no matter what products/medications that you are using on your face. It isn't harsh, but it's also not gentle to the point where you get no benefits from the product. Two thumbs up!
I guess it did the job...
on 23/08/2013
I used this cleanser after receiving a Glycolic Peel that seriously damaged my skin. My normal cleanser was leaving my skin too dry and taut, so my esthetician recommended that I try Cetaphil. When using this product, I found that it did the job of getting my makeup off (including eye makeup), but my face felt like it wasn't completely clean. I know that sounds completely contradictory to what everyone says, but that was my personal experience. Almost maybe that it was "too gentle" for my combination/oily skin. On the bright side, my skin felt somewhat soft and didn't have the stripped feeling that other cleansers can cause. I would recommend this for people who are using topical retinol/retinoid, using BP, or on Accutane. Otherwise, I need something a bit more "harsh" and foamy.
Why, oh why?
on 19/08/2013
Okay, let's go back to a time when I didn't have acne. It was 2010 and I had to spend a year in Utah. The air in Utah is very dry and the climate change kind of wreaked havoc on my skin. I didn't have acne, but I was experiencing my first "breakouts". Obviously, I panicked and begged my parents to send me some sort of acne products. Of course they send the almighty PROACTIV SOLUTION!! Guaranteed to work or your money back. HA, yeah right. First of all, they send you lots of cleanser and toner, but barely any moisturizer. Last time I checked, applying moisturizer sparingly will not help with the dry Utah air. Anyways, I used this "solution" for a few months and I suppose it helped make the pimples go away. I wasn't strict with the regimen, but it seemed to get the job done. Let's fast forward to January 2011... Why are the pimples coming back? I'm still using Proactiv and they're freaking coming back! I want my money back! Never happened. I made multiple calls, spoke to various people, and I never saw a penny of my money back. Also, it took months for them to stop sending me my auto-shippments and to stop charging my credit card. Horrible company, horrible products. Enough said.
on 19/08/2013
If you have any degree of sensitive skin, please save yourself the pain and do not use this product. I should have predicted the outcome I would have with this medication because I can't tolerate BP. So, BP and retinol together....Nope. Not good. I felt like my skin was melting off my face. I had extreme redness, drying, itching, peeling, and burning. I was using this product on my forehead, so it must have gotten into the area around my eyes which hurt so badly I was in tears for days. No moisturizer could remedy the damage this product caused at that time. LIke I sad, bad bad bad for sensitive skin!
Oh. My. Goodness.
on 11/08/2013
Two words: Never. Again. I don't know if it's because I have super sensitive skin or what, but this treatment did not go over well with me. It burned like heck when my esthetician put it on my face, and while she assured me that's normal I did not feel it should hurt that badly. I left her office with a red and irritated face. The next day things weren't horrible, but they weren't normal either. My face hurt and was noticeably puffier than usual. Then the next day I woke up looking like a million bees had stung me on my face. My skin was red, peely, excessively dry, and if the tiniest breeze blew by it felt like i was being stabbed all over my face. And the worst part is that I was breaking out ON TOP of all of that yuckiness. Let the record show, that I tried everything to reduce the inflammation and nothing worked. And worse than that, is when my face returned to normal there was absolutely no improvement... Waste of time, money, and pain.