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on 10/08/2013
I love the Liquid Oxygen acne wash. I suffered from cystic acne for years and when I started using the acne wash I saw results right away. It actually feels like it's working! It's pore-tinglingly minty-refreshing. No fragrance, which is great for sensitive skins.<br/>The whole Neaclear line has really been my saving grace...I broke away from it for a few months and began trying new products just to see if there was something better out there for my skin, but everything else I tried either gave me an allergic reaction (little red bumps or a scaly rash) or broke me out in some sort of acne. Neaclear is very safe for sensitive, acne-prone, rosacea-flare up, eczema-prone, oily skin and it actually healed me up in two days from the last allergic reaction I had. I love this stuff and am stocking up. Thankfully you can get it on their website now because Ulta never keeps it in stock!
Proactiv is bad for you
on 22/07/2013
I used this for about a year. The active ingredient in all their products, (even the moisturizer) is benzoyl peroxide which just dries out your skin. You might just as well throw some random chemicals on your face. It seemed like it work at first, then I got terrible rebound oiliness and a cystic acne. And the red marks turned into what seems to be permanent spots. That's why they offer a dark spot corrector!! I kept thinking I was doing something wrong! And it was a huge hairy deal to cancel my auto subscription.
Started working day 1
on 20/07/2013
I love this product. I noticed results the first day. I use the acne wash and then follow with the black astringent. It got rid my blackheads and is really smoothing out my "orange peel" skin - no product has done that before. The only product I have ever used that leaves my skin soft but not greasy. For the first time in years I am waking up without a new eruption. I don't know what the oxygen does, but it works.