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Great for my cystic/hormonal acne!!
on 23/03/2014
The major issue of my 20's (now 26) has been the deep cystic acne around my jaw, cheeks, chin which is hormonal in cause more than likely. Almost a year ago, I began using retina-A(.04%) at night, aczone in the AM and PM, and oral spironolactone (worked up to 100mg). I have used both other tx's successfully in the past, however this being my first retina-A experience, I was impressed (and with my stubborn acne, i am NOT easily impressed with meds). I was worried to try this because in the summer I am outdoors at the beach/in sun a large portion of the week, and although I make sure to use quality sunscreen and try to cover/shade my face when possible, I have had some gnarly sunburn that occurred super fast when on other meds in the past, so I proceeded with caution. My face was at its peak worst, so there was no "worse initial break out" however it did take around 1.5 months to start to clear. I could CLEARLY tell it was working because as soon as the zits appeared the healing process began within next day or two, and within that week the zit would be significantly better. Previously, the huge deep zits would take 2/3 WEEKS to heal. Even the remaining darker/red hyper pigmentation would fade WAY faster, which was my other skin woe. My skin became smoother over time as well. I was so impressed....too bad i hadn't discovered this sooner!<br/>ADVICE:<br/>only use a pea size or so amount like it says, when I used more, it really dried out my skin and caused those areas to be red and peel. I also realized it was important to use face lotion every morning and night which helped my skin a lot overall... the harsh winter made this occur occasionally as well.<br/>I did not have much of an issue with my face becoming more sensitive to sunlight, just be diligent about reapplying the sunblock every 2 hrs.<br/>I was originally taking the brand name product, but insurance stopped covering this and I went to purchase and it was $500.00 !!!!! wwhhhattt? So ask your doctor or look for RX rebate cards...I just got the generic gel for the first time which was 10-20$...hope nothing changes!<br/>Give it a chance, it took a while to notice any effect, which can be discouraging.<br/>I find it hard to trust online reviews because everyone's skin is different, but when my skin hits a "bad phase" every 2-3 years, the acne comes back with a vengeance and I rarely see any significant results from prescriptions, so I was so happy and impressed with the results from this... GOOD LUCK :)