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I use this to wash my face
on 05/01/2014
My face reacts negatively to harsh cleansers. In fact, I can basically not wash my face and I'm better off than if I do. When I wear makeup, however, I need something to get the crud off. Make up wipes leave my skin dry and red. This stuff works well, but I don't see it as a phenomenal product. If I didn't need to remove my make up, I wouldn't use it at all. It leaves a film on your face that prevents you from moisturizing.
Good if you have bad water
on 05/01/2014
I use this stuff after I shower in my dorms because I swear the water makes me break out and is metally and disgusting. I just spray my face with this when I get out and I don't get any acne. I also use it after I wash my face too. Good stuff, but only get it if you don't have access to good water or can afford extraneous things like this.
Moisturizing and Gentle
on 05/01/2014
This stuff is expensive but you only need like 3 drops for your whole face and neck. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes better than almost anything else I've tried. It also makes my skin glow and decreases redness. I like it because its lightweight whereas a lot of the other moisturizers I've used are heavy and thick.
on 17/10/2013
This stuff is the bomb. I live in a really dry place and I literally bathe my skin in this morning and night. It helps keep my skin moist and never breaks me out. Also it doesn't smell bad and the tub lasts like a million years. All in all, everyone and their mother should use this product.
Bio Oil Experience
on 19/09/2013
Honestly, I was afraid this product would cause more acne for me but it hasn't. I see new scars healing really fast although I haven't noticed a huge improvement in old ones. It does sink into my skin relatively fast, and I use it as a moisturizer since it's so moisturizing I don't need my old one. Some people don't like the mineral oil, but I've done a lot of research on mineral oil and it's actually really good for scars and skin. Also, it has a comedogenic rating of like 0. If anything in Bio Oil is going to break you out, it's going to be Soybean Oil with a comedogenic rating of 3. Anyways, I haven't had any acne from the product and have noticed more even skin tone in general. Even if it doesn't work as a scar fading oil, it works great as a moisturizer.
Too many people don't give this birth control a chance
on 19/09/2013
I was really weary to try birth control at all because I thought I was going to gain a ton of weight from it, and reading reviews on here scared the poop out of me. I went ahead and started taking ortho anyways. The first month was God awful. I had horrible, horrible cystic acne everywhere. Even in places I never get acne. It hurt. It sucked. I was discouraged. I almost stopped taking the pills but my mother encouraged me to continue to take them for at least 3 months. By month 2 I did not get anymore acne, but still of course had scars from my past consistent acne and my severe bought in the first month. I'm on month 4 and still, no acne. My acne is clearing up and I'm just left with a few scars. I've been dealing with acute moderate acne for a year and now I can finally feel okay. I'm almost to the point where I don't have to hide myself behind layers of make up. I just want people to know that these pills definitely can work and have for me. The only downsides are the following: A) I get a little constipated on week 1 and week 2 and have to take a fiber supplement to keep things regular. B) During the second week I feel kind of bloated and gross, but it begins to go away by the middle of the third week and by the time the placebo week is over I feel normal again.<br/>This pill will make you insanely hungry Month 1 but after that month my appetite has been normal and maybe even lessened. I took these pills because I had a severe hormonal imbalance from a past eating disorder, these pills have managed and regulated my hormones and I am very happy. OH and also my insurance pays for this bc completely and so that's also a super plus!!!!