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Great, few side effects
on 10/07/2013
At first, I started taking minocycline (antibiotics) in the morning, and found that it made me lightheaded, also you cannot eat dairy within one hour of taking it because it reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotics. I recommend taking it before bed. I had pretty moderate acne, which became a lot worse in the past year. Within four months of using the antibiotic (combined with clindoxyl cream and Retinol A gel) my skin cleared up COMPLETELY. I did experience extreme dryness (red, burning, flaking and peeling skin) with the use of these three medications, but after a while my skin adjusted and dryness went away. After around 4 months of antibiotics, I haven't had a noticeable pimple for a very long time. My skin is very clear, except for a few red marks from scarring, and continues to stay completely clear although I stopped minocycline a month ago. Overall, worked amazingly for me, consider this before trying Isotretinoin (Accutane). I can't remember the last time my skin was this clear!