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on 06/02/2010
This is a great non-spf lotion that doesn't seem to aggravate the skin or exacerbate acne.
on 07/01/2010
Unless you have perfect skin already, I would't recommend this. It also can be irritating and itchy.
on 07/01/2010
If you already have flawless skin, I'm sure this product would look very nice. But if you have noticeable flaws, it seems to accentuate them. I especially do not recommend it for oily skin since it adds shine/shimmer to your face.
on 07/01/2010
I've used this blush for decades. It's my favorite and has seen me through my teen years and now well into my adult years.
on 07/01/2010
It might be a good choice for younger girls with oily skin, but for mature skin with more flaws, I wouldn't recommend it.
on 19/12/2009
This is a great product if you have enlarged or scarred pores. You basically use it like you would a spackle for a wall with holes in it. Squirt a tiny bit onto your finger tips and rub together then just pat it onto the pores or scarred areas to fill them in. It will set and look like they've practically disappeared. You can then apply your usual foundation over it.
on 19/12/2009
This is my favorite pressed powder and I couldn't live without it. Great for oily skin to soak up the shine.
on 19/12/2009
This is a great foundation, imo. For easier application, I don't dot it on like the package recommends, but I squirt a blob into my hand and "activate" the color beads by rubbing my hands together, then I apply it with both hands to my face. Goes on quickly and easily without the little beads settling into pores (which it can do if you dot it on).<br/>I recommend this for anyone who has picky skin and who may be using topical acne medications.