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Excellent - Ance gone in days and Redness has vanished
on 03/07/2013
I have had acne since the fifth grade, i guess i was an early starter.. Going into my junior year of high school I got tired of always wearing makeup. It was never my color and it looked weird anyways. So i tried oxy face wash and in the three days that i have used it, 80% of my acne is gone and most of my acne scars along with it! I am so happy. But the best part is that i no longer have to wear makeup because all of the redness from my acne is now gone! I couldnt be happier. a bunch of people say that it is a little drying, and it is, but for me it hasnt been an issue. It keeps the oil from my face longer than if it hadnt been drying. I am estatic with the results, and i recommend everyone use this product!