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Dint use garlic for long
on 01/07/2013
I just used garlic twice for 15 minutes.<br/>I had two new breakout's on my face. Both on the cheeks. I peeled the skin of a garlic pod., sliced it, squeezed it in order to make it ooze its juice & rubbed that on my acne and around the acne. Sliced again, squeezed & rubbed it on my other acne. It dried in 2 minutes. I made it stay for around 15 minutes. I saw the acne growth stopped. But, once the growth stopped, I dint apply it more. I once had applied it overnight & the next day my skin looked as though its burned. So, I don't try keeping it overnight. I guess the sulfur in the garlic acts as an advantage as well as disadvantage. I would say, try it on a new acne & see how it works, if you see considerable reduction in its size or something then continue it. Again, try avoiding it to leave overnight.
Gets your skin glowing & probably reduces acne
on 01/07/2013
My skin is super sensitive & acne prone. I had a clear skin after a long time but had scars. And, in order to reduce the acne scars, I consulted the dermatologist. Much to my vain, after around 4 months of treatment, I started having big breakouts on my no-acne skin. I stopped all the treatment & stuck with honey mask. I sincerely applied honey for around 2 hours every day without a miss. I dint see any improvement on the acne or the scars, but, I dint see any new breakout either.<br/>Honey, doesn't harm my skin. It makes it more smooth & shiny for sure. But, I am really not sure whether it reduces the acne growth / fades the scars.
Used as a drink & applied directly on skin
on 01/07/2013
I have a very sensitive skin. I drink lemon juice (half lemon) squeezed into lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey on empty stomach early morning & at night before sleeping.<br/>Also, before sleeping, I dab fresh lemon juice directly on the acne & acne marks with an ear bud. I once applied lemon juice directly & let it on my skin overnight. I experienced new breakouts after 2 days. So, I apply lemon juice just on the effected area using an ear bud (so that it doesn't spread out on other areas) for around 30 minutes & wash it off with room temperature water.<br/>I could see my acne scars fading as well as the existing acne development stops. I have been doing this from past 2 weeks & I see good results.<br/>Note: It tinges a bit when you put on the lemon juice directly, due to citric acid. Try doing it for 3-4 days. If u see any improvement continue. But, stay away from leaving it on your skin overnight.