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on 03/08/2013
I was using the Garnier "Pure Active" range for quite a while, and I really liked the "Blackhead Clearing Scrub". When the "Charcoal" version of this came out, I decided to give it a go, as my skin was getting worse around this time as I was wondering if a better cleanser would do the trick. Bad idea! This scrub is NOT designed for sensitive skin. It was far too abrasive, and left my skin feeling incredibly dry after washing, which encouraged more oil production in the long run. This inevitably lead to more spots. I don't think this scrub should be used daily, despite it recommending so on the back of the product. Twice a week at the most. However, I don't think an abrasive scrub like this is the answer to acne anyway. I went back to a very gentle cleanser and my skin has thanked me since.
'Cakey', thick and pore-clogging
on 11/07/2013
I bought this a couple of years ago, and as soon as I started using it, I stopped almost immediately. It was the worst foundation I have used; the mousse-like consistency is not appealing once applied to the face, as it leaves a "cakey" residue, and left my face feeling greasy. It was far too heavy and comedogenic. I never returned to it since and have stuck to natural foundations.
Not effective for large areas of skin
on 11/07/2013
Sudocrem is honestly a quick fix, and not very effective at all for treating larger areas of pimples.<br/>My friend suggested I try it when I started getting spots around my chin. It soothed the area and reduced the size of the spots for about a couple of days, but it didn't seem to diminish the acne or stop other spots from forming. It is also very thick, and can leave white patches if not washed off properly (it takes more than water to wash Sudocrem off). My skin was not able to breathe with this on, and due to the lack of improvement, I decided to stop using it.<br/>It is also targeted towards other skin problems, such as eczema and bed rashes. It is not solely for acne, and will only soothe the area for a short period. I recommend this product to anybody who may suffer from the odd one or two spots, rather than acne. A cream derived specially for acne is better for those who wish to treat areas of stubborn spots.
Gentle & Cleansing
on 11/07/2013
This is my favourite face wash! I have used many face washes in the past; from Clearasil to Dr. Hauschka. However, this little gem has certainly proven to be the most effective cleanser I have ever used for my skin.<br/>It is very gentle, and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. It lathers nicely, so I only use a pea-sized amount every morning and evening. I buy the mini "travel" version of this, because I use so little, and it lasts for weeks! So it's definitely very useful when I actually travel, or just to pop into my make-up bag.<br/>I use this with the Simple Light Hydrating moisturiser, and they worth very well together. I love the Simple range. I have used their facial washes in the past, and have always returned to them when other brands do not work for me. I will be using this facial wash for a long time. It is very suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin, and will not interfere with your skin's natural "processes", harm your acne, or leave your skin feeling dry.