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on 23/06/2013
About 3 years ago my acne decided to flare up, and I was stuck with acne all over my face! After going to the doctor, she started me out on stievamycin on a lower dose and gradually built me up to a higher dose. Lets just say it got worse before it got better. However after 3 months of dedicated use I saw a huge difference. Now 3 years later, I'm only left with scars. Sure, I get a pimple here and there but nothing like I did before. Unlike other reviewers, I had no adverse side effects. My skin was rarely irritated/dried out (my doctor was surprised by how tough my skin was). I really do recommend this product as a topical solution, it is super effective and doesn't require too much effort. The only disappointing aspect is if I forget to put it near my hair line, acne will definitely show up. I think i'll be using this for many years to come.