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A cure for hormonal acne
on 15/06/2013
Zinc cleared my hormonal cystic acne. I had a severe hormonal breakout after coming off Yaz (BCP). I had cystic acne on my chin, neck and jawline. After 6 months of trying to clear it, I realised that you can't 'cure' hormonal acne topically, you have to work from within as well. Just before I decided to turn to antibiotics, I read about Zinc. I was scarred from using pills to treat acne, after my experience with BCP, and really didn't want to use antibiotics, but I thought I had no choice. But instead I decided to start taking Zinc (25mg amino acid chelate) and 3g of fish oil daily. Within a week, my cysts which had been there for over 3 months (yes, one cluster of cysts on my neck was there for about 3 months), were gone. All my cysts had virtually disappeared. 6 weeks in, and I now have one cyst, and maybe 3-4 pimples. This is a dramatic improvement from the cystic acne that was all over my chin, jawline and neck. I will continue to take Zinc indefinitely. It is an easy and safe way to treat hormonal acne (or any acne) from the inside in conjunction with topical treatments. Highly recommended. Also, I have had no negative symptoms relating to nausea. I take the Zinc with dinner, either in the middle of my meal or at the end, and I have had zero negative symptoms.
Please be ware
on 15/06/2013
I was put on Yaz after I first got my period because it was completely irregular. I don't know why I was put on Yaz and not a standard BCP, but anyway. My skin never had any problems before I started Yaz, and I didn't have any issues when I was on it (for about 4 years). Then I decided, after reading about dangerous side-effects of Yaz, and having experienced some scary symptoms of blood clots in my legs, I wanted to get off Yaz and onto a normal BCP, that didn't mess with my hormones. After I switched off Yaz, I had a SEVERE hormonal breakout. I had clear skin before and during Yaz, with one or two regular pimples, but not real acne. After going off Yaz I started growing hair along my jawline, and I had serious cystic acne on my chin, jawline and neck. SEVERE. It was the most painful and horrible experience of my life. Being 19 and breaking out with intense cystic acne. Horrible. I got tested for PCOS and I don't have it - YAZ had artificially controlled my hormones when I was on it, and going off, I was left with hormonal acne. I didn't want to go near Yaz again, and have been trying to deal with my acne ever since. 9 months since going off Yaz and I am just clearing up, however I now have intense hyperpigmentation all over my chin/jawline/neck. Please, if you are considering going on BCP that helps acne, please don't. They have some seriously dangerous side-effects, and when you want to go off them it will destroy your hormones and skin. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are considering taking BCP for acne PLEASE DON'T. I hope I can save someone from the same experience I had.
Epiduo for hormonal acne
on 15/06/2013
I suffered an intense hormonal breakout with cystic acne 8 months ago after messing around with BCP. I had severe cystic acne on my chin, neck and jawline. My doctor gave me a bunch of Epiduo samples, and I started using them after the acne didn't go away after 3 months (I had perfectly clear skin all my life, before this breakout). I used Epiduo for about 4-6 weeks before I gave up. It is incredibly drying and makes your skin feel dead and horrible. I couldn't wear makeup because my skin looked like it was literally peeling off, despite using layers of moisturiser. A month later and I decided to give it another go. You must give it time to work and fight the negative symptoms! I started using Jojoba oil at night after cleansing, allowing it to sink into my skin (an hour or more), then apply Epiduo just to active acne before going to bed. THIS WORKS. My skin is clearing up significantly and my skin isn't dry or flaky. Epiduo works if you can manage its negative symptoms, and for me, using Jojoba oil as my nightly moisturiser did this. I also use AHA lotion during the day, to manage the dryness. Stick with Epiduo, and use products to counter the dryness, and you should see results.