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Made my skin extremely dry, itchy and old looking
on 15/06/2013
ZERO STARS! I started using proactiv because i wanted to prevent a breakout after getting off the pill. After three days of using proactiv, it made my skin extremely dehydrated, very very itchy, rough and old looking. I am Asian and do not have any wrinkles. But after three days, I noticed tiny wrinkles appeared out of nowhere!!! I am devastated and stopped using proactiv immediately. Luckily I did not do too much damage to my skin and will keep hydrated inside out to get my skin back to normal. I do not recommend this product at all. I did not know what I was thinking trying this product! I have nothing nice to say about Proactiv. The moisturizers did not help at all. So if you do not have acne, but get breakouts from time to time, stay clear of proactiv. You've been warned!