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Doesn't irritate my skin
on 10/05/2014
When I first started using it I got dry patches on my skin, but I guess I got used to it.<br/>It didn't help with acne or evening my skin. I never used it to remove makeup since it really didn't seem like it could, but I would follow my makeup wipes with a wash with it.<br/>It's not irritating (except for that first week) and it cleans my skin. Nothing special though.
no big difference
on 18/06/2013
I had an initial breakout with this that lasted a few months, it was awful. Afterwards my acne returned to how it was before as if I wasn't using anything on my skin at all. My skin was really soft to the touch after the initial breakout, the old marks I had were faded a bit and overall my skin was less oily... BUT I was still breaking out regularly. My skin was also really tender, it always felt like I had a really hard scrub and I barely had skin left. I burned very quickly the one time I spent some time in the sun with no sunscreen. I kept using it because my doctor told me it would take some time to kick in but it didn't after almost a year my acne was just as severe as it was before I started, I was just less oily. The fact that it faded marks didn't matter in the end because I had so many new ones that formed while I was using it.<br/>I only recommend because I've seen it work on someone with mild acne, so maybe it's good if the acne is mild.
Regret trying this
on 14/06/2013
I was taking oral doxycycline 200mg daily for 1 month then 100 mg daily for 5 months. I was using a mild cleanser and a salicylic acid toner (which reduces marks but not pimples).<br/>My skin was markedly improved in 2 weeks or so. It felt really amazing at the time because i would wake up... go to the mirror and my skin would look like a normal person's for almost 6 months. I did get tiny whiteheads around my period but nothing serious. They would go away quickly. It cleared my face and back which were the only places i ever got acne.<br/>About a week after coming off the antibiotics I started to break out really badly. I got multiple painful cysts about 2 weeks after stopping and I broke out for the first time on my chest. It was aweful. It took a while to get my skin to calm down and I wished I could've locked myself up in my house while it was recovering. It made me regret ever trying it in the first place.
on 14/06/2013
This helped me a bit. It was nothing extremely significant but dairy really does provoke my acne. I think everyone should give it a try. I'm grateful for the improvement even though it is small.