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on 14/06/2013
I've been on Clindamycin for over a year now. I use the roller one which looks like a bingo dabber. It lasts a very long time and has helped my hormonal acne tremendously. I also use a 10% benzo cream every few days. I have seen a dramatic reduction in my acne. For the people out there feeling helpless, I can sympathize. You will find what works best for you! Don't give up!
Worth the Side Effects?
on 14/06/2013
My Dr. gave me a few weeks script of Doxy to jump start my acne clear up regimen. It helped to slow down the acne flair ups. However, it gave me a horrible side effect of a yeast infection. I stopped using it and of course my acne came back full force. So I began using the Doxy again, and 2 weeks in I got another yeast infection.<br/>My Dr. switched me to a topical clindamycin, which I've been using for almost a year. HELPS! The Doxy, not so much.
on 14/06/2013
This is a cheap way to help your acne from the inside out. I take one multi vitamin and an extra zinc everyday and it has really improved my skins condition. In my opinion this method can't really hurt you, it is almost a "win win". Sometimes you need to cleanse from the inside. I use lemon juice, green tea, distilled water and vitamins. I avoid dairy and red meat (not always! A girl's gotta eat!) This works for me, but even if it doesn't work for your acne specifically, it is still helping your body. Win.
I so wanted to love it.....
on 14/06/2013
My acne had "calmed down" for about 10 months, so I felt it was time to work on my scars. I have seen BEAUTIFUL results in other older women from microdermabrasion so I was convinced this would be my miracle. Unfortunately, after only one treatment (I was scheduled for 3) my face broke out in HUGE cystic acne. It is true that micro digs up all the old bacteria and "purges" your face. But it made new, huge, deep scars- completely doing the opposite of what I wanted. I was too scared to try it again, so I did chemical peels instead. Those help, but still not my miracle. In all, I would never so micro ever again.
Helped with Hormonal Breakouts
on 14/06/2013
If you're like me then you have hormonal breakouts. I cut out MOST dairy such as soft cheeses, and drinking milk. I still eat hard cheeses and I drink almond milk now. It has absolutely helped in the severity of my acne. I still get pimples, but not the giant puss filled ones that last 3 weeks.
Helps with Scars
on 14/06/2013
I use fresh lemon only on my scars, no where else. I rub it in with a cotton pad and leave on for about 15 minutes tops. It has taken me a few weeks to see improvements, but it does help and is cheap. This like every other treatment needs to be used diligently. That means every day!
Indifferent. Expected a lot more.
on 14/06/2013
Quick background: 27 female, acne sufferer for 8yrs. Acne has moderately cleared up from stopping birth control, yet I still have awful scarring. I went to an esthetician for a series of chemical peels consisting of 2 lactic acid, and 6 glycolic acid peels. In total I spent over 800 dollars (Including gratuity). For the money I spent I am not satisfied with the results. I have seen an improvement in texture, redness, pore size and overall appearance. However, my scarring (which is what bothers me most) is still quite apparent. It has reduced, but not 800 dollars worth.<br/>I honestly feel that using lemon as an exfoliant and scar reducer on a daily basis would give me the same results.<br/>A few things that helped me:<br/>Cut out dairy and red meat!<br/>Drink more water - seriously it helps!<br/>And for me the source of my acne was hormones so birth control seemed to make it worse.