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Amazing product. That's all I can say.
on 24/10/2013
I've been using this product for 9 weeks now, ten weeks after I started the 5% one. I've seen great results from the 5% but it really didn't clear me out 100%, more like 95% so I tried this out and thank heavens I did. Since using this, I've only had 4 pimples (small ones), can you imagine that? 4 pimples in 9 weeks, that's crazy! I suffer from moderate to severely moderate acne but this benzac line really saved me. I super recommend this product!
Would've given it a 4.5; A truly wonderful product!
on 28/08/2013
I've used the Benzac AC 5% for a little less than 11 weeks now and from the first day I've used it compared to now, it truly is amazing. Now I only gave it a 4.5 rating because it didn't really "clear" everything up. I'd say I'm about 90%-95% clear but I've moved on to the 10% variant to try my luck, hopefully it works. I really love this product and I'd recommend it to anybody.
Would've given it a 3.5 star rating. It's not the best but it gets the job done.
on 28/08/2013
Since I'm using the benzoyl peroxide, I usually get dried out and flake. I've been using Celeteque moisturizer for a couple of months now but it doesn't moisturize as good as the Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I've been using it for 2 weeks and it really made a great difference on controlling my flakes and keeping my skin moisturized, now here are some things that I don't like about it. First, it's really hard to smear around my face, I don't know why but you're going to take more getting your face prepped with this. Second, it makes my face greasy. The consistency is really thick. Overall it's pretty good, not great but good enough.
It's a really good moisturizer.
on 18/06/2013
I have this s part of my daily regimen. It's a really good moisturizer and it doesn't leave that sticky feel afterwards. I does get the job done even with BP.
Works well in conjunction with another product.
on 14/06/2013
It works pretty well with a medicated cleanser and a topical product like benzoyl peroxide. You also need a moisturizer since it dries out the skin.