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to everyone who has lost confidence due to acne...
on 13/03/2014
I started using tretinoin cream about 4 months ago. I had really nice skin throughout all high school and of course when iI'm 18 and a senior, my skin goes crazy when everyone else's is finally starting to get better. I was so embarrassed about how I looked I would miss school because I didn't want anyone to see my face. I felt so disgusting that all my pores were clogged that I would pick the living crap out of anything that even resembled a pimple and make my skin look a million times worse than it already was. So to all of you who have lost self confidence due to acne, I feel your pain and just keep reading. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me monodox for my cysts and tretinoin for my surface acne. Within a week my skin was worse than ever. Not only was my face completely covered but it was peeling off and so dry that when I smiled or laughed the skin around my mouth would start to crack and sometimes bleed. My skin is so sensitive so it may not go to this extent for everyone, my brother was on tretinoin too and he didn't even have to apply lotion after and he never got a single skin flake. After about a month I started to notice my skin was getting better, it was still so dry but I could see that my skin wasn't so congested, and it was starting to look really beautiful. I decided to try and find a regimen to help all this dryness. After much experimentation and my skin starting to adjust to the product, my skin is no longer dry. Here's what I do: Shower, wash face with cera ve hydrating cleanser, get out of shower, PAT dry, wait 30 mins (when you just get out of the shower your pores are open and irritated and when you apply the cream right away it will make it more dry), apply evian facial mist (basically just spray water on your face, doing this helps the cream move around more so you can use less product, meaning less dryness. this doesn't make it less effective) wait 10 minutes, apply cera ve moisturizing cream, not lotion. boom. It's been about 4 months now and my skin looks great. I feel confident in myself again, I don't hermit myself in my room, scared to leave the house because of the way my face looks. I still get a few pimples, but it's okay because nothing is going to completely clear your skin. so moral of the story, in order for your skin to look good again, you have to wait for your skin to adjust first. don't just stop something after a week, there's no miracle product that will work over night and have no side effects.
on 10/06/2013
I can't say I have very bad acne.. I have relatively clear skin, but every month before I get my period I get large pimples deep beneath the skin... (cysts I believe you call them?) Now every time I feel one coming I can't help myself but pick at it all the time, I really try not to but I can't help myself! And every time, it turns into a huge disgusting scab of grossness. I read about this product yesterday and went out to buy it because it was so cheap and I heard great reviews and figured why not give it a try. I applied it for the first time yesterday using apple cider vinegar (I heard it was more beneficial than water because this product can be drying and ACV can help restore some moisture) and my skin felt great afterward but I noticed a few more pimples and was very confused. So i went online and researched and saw that this happens and is good because for the first few uses it sucks up all the bacteria and clogged pores and brings them to the surface and within a few days everything should be cleared up. I just applied this mask about a half an hour ago for a second time, took it off and my big huge disgusting scab of grossness is COMPLETELY GONE. Now I specifically registered on an account for this website just to write this review and tell you all to go out and buy this product right now!! Incredible!