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My Results Not Same as Others
on 22/10/2013
I used this mask once a week for the past month. I was very excited to use it after seeing all the glowing reviews. However, every time I used it, I would breakout with whiteheads the next day (especially in areas where I am not usually acne prone). I have oily, sensitive skin. Just did not work for me, although I wish it did.
Green tea is good, but not good enough to treat acne on its own
on 16/06/2013
I love green tea and drink at least a cup everyday. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and is great for overall body health. However, I am doubtful that green tea alone can erase your acne completely. I drink green tea everyday and still suffer from cystic acne on my chest and back, as well as some moderately severe acne on my face and neck. I recommend drinking green tea, just not as an acne fighting medicine.
Surprised by all the positive reviews
on 16/06/2013
I used this product with ACV and although it made my skin feel smooth for a couple hours after I would remove the mask, I would usually get breakouts in the days following. If I was not acne prone I would probably use this stuff because I love the way it makes my face feel. However, it is way too drying for use with Dan's regimen. Also be careful, this may clog sinks.
I love Jojoba Oil
on 16/06/2013
I love Dan's jojoba oil. It really helps my skin feel healthy, moisturized, and I believe it helps fade red marks as well. I use 12 drops at night and only 2 during the day. I have oily skin and if I use too much my face shins all morning, but at night I could care less. I used the regimen about 6 months before I started using jojoba oil and my skin is much less red and irritated than it was prior.
Only Works If You Never Really Had Acne
on 07/06/2013
I am amazed at how highly rated the caveman method is. I would only try this if I had a few pimples here and there. I have moderately severe acne, and after trying this method my face went nuts. It was a nightmare. Seriously, this only works if you never really had acne in the first place. If you have acne in your genetics, continue treating your acne.
Best Sunscreen I Have Found
on 07/06/2013
I have oily skin and applying this makes my skin extremely oily for about an hour until it sets in. If I look closely, it also leaves a small amount of film on top of my skin and I can see where I had applied it. Other than that, this is a great sunscreen for use on the regimen. Until Dan releases his sunscreen (hopefully soon), I would recommend this product.
Not Sure Why Dan Recommends This Product
on 07/06/2013
I bought this because of Dan's recommendation. The zinc oxide makes my face flake like crazy all day long. I am also very pale (Scandinavian skin) and the zinc makes me look even paler, literally like a ghost. I would recommend Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Spf 30 over this product.
Thanks Dan!
on 07/06/2013
This helped me clear up substantially! Thank you Dan for your regimen. I have fairly sensitive skin so I use only 1 pump on my face and 1/2 pump on my neck twice daily. I still flake in many areas even with using half of the recommended amount. It took about 6 months for my face to clear and my skin to look normal (not red and scaly) after starting the regimen. I disagree with those who state "slathering chemicals on your face doesn't work" because for me, it was the only option. I grew up eating well, stayed away from dairy my entire life (I am lactose intolerant), and drinking only water and green tea, and I still got moderately severe acne on my face, chest, and back.
My Face Did Not Like This
on 07/06/2013
Dan's AHA+ never worked well for me. I have sensitive skin and using this on top of BP makes my face BURN all night long. I do have red marks, but would rather wait until my skin heals itself (hopefully it does). My face felt very sticky and gross after applying AHA+ and would itch and peel all night. I was also concerned about the sunburn risk with using a chemical exfoliater and decided not to risk it (I do apply sunscreen in the morning but in order to be safe it should be reapplied every two hours, something I just cannot do with my work). Did not work on chest and back cysts either.
Highly Recommend Trying This Product!
on 07/06/2013
I am very satisfied with this product. I had large cysts over my chest, back, and neck and this wash really helped clear them up. I never had success with Dan's chest and back regimen because putting AHA and BP under clothes feels gross and covering the entire back and chest with either AHA or BP takes ALOT of the treatment. I highly recommend trying this.