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Not good as a long-term product
on 07/06/2013
Acne type: Moderate to moderate sever<br/>The Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment was somewhat effective for the first several weeks that I used it. The Regimen required a smaller amount of BP to be used at first and then slowly amping up the dosage. My skin cooperated well with the small dosage of BP during the first three weeks. However, the BP started giving my skin problems the fourth week and all the time afterwards.<br/>First of all, the BP totally dulled my skin. The BP gave my skin kind of a gray cast on my face, rather than a natural healthier glow on my skin. I wish that the BP had some sort of extra ingredient where it would "renew" the skin where the acne was to reduce scarring. This probably was due to the fact that the BP was drying even with the moisturizer I applied afterwards. My skin was not necessarily face just looked like dead skin was laying on top of it. BP may be effective for the actual acne, but it is indeed harsh for the skin around it unfortunately. So for me personally, BP is not worth the damage.<br/>In addition, all of my acne scars have not disappeared. I used this product for 4 months consistently. This product may prevent future breakout, but it does not clear up the skin completely.