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Good acne fighter/coverage for darker skin tones, Unnatural orange shade for pale skin
on 12/06/2013
i'd vote this 2 1/2 stars. This foundation is one of the only ones that has actually helped my acne clear up a bit, i'd give it 4 stars for that! However if you have extremely pale skin like me, this is not the best bet. It looks unnaturally dark and orange (and i'm talking their lightest ivory color)- and i swear it dyed my skin a bit darker after using it for awhile. If you are tan or have a darker shade of skin and are acne prone- this product could work very well for you! Neutrogena needs to create a foundation for us super pale folks too (this goes for most skincare companies)! i'm hoping for a day when they will create such a shade.
Dries Skin
on 12/06/2013
This product is honestly a waste of money- it was a chance buy, i had just gotten graduation money and had used it once before in a small pack, remembering it being decent. I was so wrong.. after i put it on and it dried my skin felt very tight and uncomfortable. i rinsed about 5 minutes to get it completely off and used toner so that i was sure none was stuck in my pores, then moisturized. The next day my skin was more oily, within the next couple days i broke out fairly bad. I say stick to natural masks- like honey cinnamon, oatmeal and green tea, rice flour and camomile tea. No harsh chemicals, and nourishing to the skin~
Honey for facial wash improves skin immensely
on 06/06/2013
I have tried so many different brand name products for acne/facial washes plus bar soaps and all organic soaps. Nothing helped much, most things made my skin worse(i am convinced it was the harsh chemicals).<br/>I've been Washing my face with honey 1-2 times a day for about a month and my skin has improved IMMENSELY. I have sensitive,combination skin- but my skin used to get very oily in certain areas throughout the day, honey has lessened the oil my skin produces VASTLY~ I also use honey-cinnamon face masks once or twice a week after exfoliating with sugar.<br/>HOW TO USE HONEY WASH: I open pores before honey wash with warm water(not hot!) to face or steam, always rinse well after with warm water, use lemon juice as a toner afterwards, and rinse again with cold water or an icecube and moisturize. My skin only has a few dots left now.<br/>OTHER TIPS:<br/>A healthy diet over the past many months was my main cure i believe (no sugar, dairy, wheat, oils, alcohol- Eat small portions, fast for 1-2 day periods once every 1-2 weeks- tons of veggis, some salmon/meat(boiled), and barely any fruit or nuts), plus 2+ cups green tea a day (after steeping most of the caffeine out for 40 seconds), 8 glasses of water, and exercise for 20mins-1hr after meals and to reduce stress. Sleep for 8 to 10 hours.<br/>It's hard work but it totally paid off. Good luck!!
Causes oily skin
on 06/06/2013
At first it seemed to work well, but after awhile i noticed my skin became more oily after use. I have combination skin. My diet was good-low gl food, no sugar-dairy-wheat etc., and sleep patterns were the same, and i always rinsed it off well and used lemon juice as a toner (to get the rest out of my pores). Now i am using HONEY to wash my face once or twice a day and my skin is WAY less oily, my breakouts have improved a ton. This may be a good product for those not suffer from acne, but for those who have it the exfoliation and harsh chemicals may irritate skin if yours is sensitive.