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Worst stuff ever.
on 10/06/2013
I'd never recommend dianette to anyone in my life. I took it for six months & yes it did clear my acne & I no longer had oily skin, however, it took the full six months to see any improvement. It completely wasn't worth it for me & it's the worst decision I've made in my life as it gave me extreme anxiety, I was depressed & I was constantly crying.<br/>I wish my doctor would have told me that my acne would come back with vengeance after stopping taking it. Within three months of going off it (you cannot stay on this pill for very long due to the side effects) my skin worse than ever. Not only does my face now breakout a million times worse, I have back & chest acne which I've never experienced before. I now have even worse self confidence/self esteem than pre-pill as I'm yet to find anything to help my chest/bacne. To anyone considering it: if you're acne is hormonal it will probably clear your skin up wonderfully. However, it isn't a long term solution & having it return worse than ever completely isn't worth it. Hate myself for ever taking this.
Didn't work for me :-(
on 07/06/2013
I began taking 25mg of chelated zinc gluconate for nearly two months & saw no difference in the improvement of my skin. I wanted it to help some of the back/chest acne I have after coming off the pill as it supposedly balances hormones, but I didn't want to take excessive amounts - unsure whether I should have taken 2 a day or it just wasn't effective for my hormonal skin?!
Didn't work for me
on 05/06/2013
I used this product for a few months & saw no difference to my skin at all. It didn't prevent any new breakouts - just made my skin ridiculously dry & didn't help the spots I already had. I do, however, know a few people that it has worked for!
Not really a miracle.
on 05/06/2013
After reading the reviews of this online I though I'd give it a go for my chest acne & back as it's so cheap. Unfortunately it did absolutely nothing for me :-( At first I did think it was reducing the redness of the spots & causing them to dry out but it turns out it was just the whiteness of it. Worth a try though maybe!
on 04/06/2013
I've been using epiduo for just over two months now & I highly recommend it! However, during the 2-3 week stage I definitely felt like giving up. The initial breakout was TERRIBLE. I've never had any cysts before in my life & then suddenly day 16 hit & my face exploded. I basically saw no improved from that day onwards right until around day 50, & so I was disappointed as I began feeling like it was just yet another benzoyl peroxide product that doesn't work for me.<br/>I decided to stick with it & by day 66 I was hardly getting any new spots forming. At the moment (day 70), although my old scars are still there (which I'm praying will fade over time), I only have three active spots on my chin, which considering I used to have millions over my forehead & around my mouth & nose, it's a definite achievement in my eyes!<br/>My one & only criticism would be that I now have both dry AND oily skin. I've always ridiculously oily skin, but now I sometimes get dry patches as well which is a little awkward when knowing how much/what moisturiser to apply (when using epiduo I'd always recommend apply moisturiser day & night). I did experience a little bit of burning for the first week or so with a slight red tint to my skin, but nothing too major, & also my skin did become very dry for the first two weeks. I'm glad I persevered though!<br/>I also really recommend the epiduo app if you have an iPhone :-) p.s apologies for the lengthy review!