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I actually love this product
on 03/06/2013
I'm actually surprised to read so many bad reviews on this product. I'll admit - I brought Murad from Sephora and after reading all the reviews had a mini panic attack after my first night of treatment and then reading all of these reviews. Obviously everyone is extremely different and have different experiences, circumstances, chemistries, etc. but I actually am having a really great experience with it. I've been using it for a little over a week now and my face is already almost completely clear. I am now mid 20's, and growing up never had a single pimple or anything, and randomly I had a breakout which I could not get under control. I stopped wearing make-up, stopped picking, etc. but nothing could clear my breakout. A friend at work recommended Murad, so in my desperate state I tried it. This is my first ever treatment I have used for acne, and I'm completely satisfied so far. No purging or excessive breakouts like people have explained. Maybe it's just my skin chemistry, but it's working really well for me so far. Another part of the problem I think people are having too is diet and hormones. I just began taking birth control again to get my hormones regulated, and I have been chugging water and eating veggies and a cleaner diet. I stopped wearing make-up for a few days and between that and Murad I, and my family have already seen an extreme improvement. Any kind of treatment like this isn't just miracle solution that will work overnight or work without some kind of diet and hormone combination. Give it time, try and regulate hormonal imbalances, drink lots of water, and eat your veggies. And don't touch your face! I had a major bad habit of this and I think that was another main issue. Murad all the way for now. Just stay extremely consistent - don't overuse or underuse products.