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Cannot rave enough!!
on 01/06/2013
What a life saver! About 8 months ago I started to have the worst acne of my life. It was so bad I was even prescribed oral antibiotics. Break outs so painful it hurt to wash my face. I tried everything.. it was so embarrassing to be suffering like this mid twenties. I was also prescribed a 10% BP wash, which actually irritated my face because I have sensitive skin and rosacea to make matters worse. One of my friends had been using this product and she recommended it to me. I was like psshh I don't believe it, proactive has he same ingredient and it didn't work. So, she gave me a little bit in a travel bottle and I put it on twice a day and tried my hardest to stop touching my face. I liked it so much I ordered the treatment and the wash. Four months later my skin is completely clear and the scars are finally starting to fade out.