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Didnt do anything...
on 30/05/2013
This product did not do anything for my skin. I guess it was like putting on lotion or something, because this made your skin shiny and a bit moisturized. My hyperpigmentation improved a little. My mom likes this product, because she says its helps get rid of hyperpigmentation and helps with wrinkles. This product did not harm nor benefit my skin. This did not work for my acne. It did not solve my problem at all
Pretty Effective
on 30/05/2013
I think that Epiduo was really effective, and it cleared my acne a little, but slowly and not completely. I felt that it was a but too dry and harsh on my skin, because my skin burned a lot at times. It made me skin flake, but it did clear up the acne. It did not prevent future breakouts for me. The reason why I stopped using the product was, because it was causing hyperpigmentation on my tan skin, and because it was very irritating and drying for my skin. It worked pretty well for my friends skin. She had terrible acne and after using epiduo her skin cleared up within a few months.
Kept Breaking OUT
on 30/05/2013
When I first tried this product, I was breaking out terribly in the first week. I applied it on a pimple that I got on the right side of my mouth cheek area, and after a week I started getting tons of pimples in that area like 5. A pimple takes forever to go away, like about a week. By using the medication I got so many scars and hyperpigmentation that I now have to wear makeup to cover it all up. It is sad that my acne has gotten worse. I decided to try this after Tetrinoin didnt work out for me, but I guess this didnt work either. I realized my acne was even more inflammed and soo much redder when I used this. If you are reading this review right now you should go buy a mask called the aztec indian healing clay which actually cleared my skin and now I do not have acne at all. If you do not believe me then please search up the reviews for it. They all are positive. Well anyways im glad i am done with this adapalene. I havent seen Any improvements with adapalene, I have been using for 8 months trying not to lose hope but I guess it wasnt for me :(