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on 29/05/2013
ok well alot of my friends were using proactiv and all with generally the same skin type as me and so i decided to give it a try the very first time i used it my face looked like a tomato the next day it was bright red and it hurt to touch and i thought ok maybe i just used to much and i asked my friends they all said that it happened to them the first time they used it to and so i decided to keep trying it and so i was using it for a while and then stopped and tried a different on and went back to proactiv no problems it was working and my skin was clearing up (my skin wasn't that bad before) and so then i started breaking out in to hives on my neck and i thought it was my foundation so i started using a different one and i was still getting hives and my neck was itchy etc. the thing is i have never had sensitive skin and my acne has never been that bad like it was bad but not severe but obviously when i figured out i was allergic to proactiv i stopped using it, the only thing about when you stop using proactiv ur skin goes insane, because ur skin gets "addicted" to proactiv when you stop it freaks out and breaks out even worse then it was before (which is what is happening to me now) and everyone i know who is off proactiv slowly went off it like they would go from everyday to every other day to every two days etc etc which i cant do cuz i am allergic to it. the other thing is well on proactiv it actually is painful to put anything that isnt from the proactive line on your face.