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on 29/05/2013
Hello! First a little background info. I am a 21 year old female. I've had acne since I was maybe 15 or so. It's been a long struggle. My skin isn't too horrible. Most of the time it's under control. I am taking a generic brand of yaz birth control to keep my face looking good. Most of the time it works, but not this month! I started breaking out really bad. I think maybe its because I moved to the beach from a drier area. It's very humid here and it's ruining my skin. So not too long ago I went to target and spent a buttload on acne stuff. I got neutrogena acne stress control which is a face wash. I also picked up these cool little things called daily pore cleansing pads from clearasil. I also own a bottle of Mario badescu's drying lotion. Usually all I use is the drying lotion! It worked wonders up until now. I was using all three for a little while until I decided I wanted to use something more natural and healthy because putting all those chemicals on my skin could not be good. So I started searching for natural treatments and found this site. I did a little research but really...300ish reviews, most of which are positive? All those people can't be wrong. I was a little paranoid at first because I thought this was some big hoax so all the people sitting in front of their computers writing these reviews could laugh at me as I applied pee to my face. I decided to give it a try anyways. I was so excited about a possible "cure" that I couldn't wait until the morning to use my first urine of the day. So I say down and peed on some toilet paper. Sure, it's not pleasant putting pee on your face. But it wasn't horrible. The nastiest part is the warmth when you put it on. That grossed me out. I would recommend sticking your pee in the fridge for a couple minutes but idk if your pee will still work to its full potential. I left my pee on for maybe 15-20 minutes. It's a little stinky. Especially since its all up in your face near your nose. I just didn't breathe. I don't drink water, ever, unless its in tea. It was kinda cold after a while. Like if I was to put toothpaste on my face. Minty feeling. It kinda tingled a little but it doesn't burn. It just feels like its working. So after I washed my pee face off with that face wash I mentioned earlier, I waited and waited and checked the mirror 100 times for a miracle result but there was none(although my face does feel super soft, smooth, and tightened!). I woke up the next morning and what do you know...all those pimples I had on my chin are all dried up or in the process of drying. They are all scabby. I don't want to jump to conclusions by saying it was my urine that did this. It could have been the face wash(although it didn't seem to be working before now). I just did my second ut. With my morning pee! So there is some improvement. They are all drying up while leaving my skin silky smooth. Hooray!! I guess time will tell if this is really a miracle treatment or not