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on 27/05/2013
I have now stopped buying exfoliators after discovering baking soda.<br/>once to twice a week depending on how bad my skin is i mix it with a mild cleanser ( like cetaphil )<br/>to exfoliate with.<br/>After using this I find my skin softer,smoother, blackheads mildly reduced, pores shrunken.<br/>It does leave your skin a bit red after.<br/>I overal think that this does clear up my skin.<br/>I havnt used it yet as a mask only exfoliator/cleanser.<br/>I also use baking soda as toothpaste . Some people probably wouldnt like the taste but I dont mind .<br/>I think that baking soda cleans my teeth better than regular toothpaste and also leave my breath fresher and teeth whiter.
on 27/05/2013
I went on this after the doctor prescribed it for having my period to often .<br/>fast forward 3 months and the only plus side to this pill is that it did clear my skin up ( had mild acne ) but still with the occasional breakout hear and there, but this pill did result in me being very depressed and also gaining 7 kgs. I felt bloated and hungry all the time and couldnt stop eating so no wonder i put on the weight, I also had stretch marks from the quick weight gain on my hips which didnt fade for 2 years.<br/>I have had friends that have gone on this without a problem so it could of just been the pills reaction to me, im sure everyone responds differently.