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do not use!!!!
on 27/08/2013
I used this about 5 years ago . it was terrible not only did it not help my acne. but it burned my face..<br/>I had burns all over my face it hurt so much. took months for my skin to go heal from it . worst product I have used on my skin..
on 27/05/2013
did 6 treatments hoping it was going to cure my acne. just waisted my money . I did not had any side effects like some of the people have commented on. it just didn't work never made my acne better stayed the same . the only thing it did was made my face less oily . but for $300.00 a treatment I expected more than just giving me a less oily face ..
on 27/05/2013
this is the only concealer I have been able to use that matches my skin. others are just too dark or too light.<br/>the coverage is ok I don't think is that full of a coverage.. its a little watery I always have to set it with a powder. I use it as a foundation since its watery like a foundation anyway . most concealers are a thicker consistency . this one is not
on 27/05/2013
made my skin worse .. it gaved me more acne than what I had ..