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on 18/06/2013
By far the best natural scar treatment, after years of using BP, retin a, and a ton of other harsh chemicals my complexion looked dead and worn out...and I still had acne and a few deep scars. after researching some natural products to fade scars I came across lemons. After a few DAYS there was a noticeable improvement in my scars and my honey complexion, my face seemed to glow. I have sensitive skin so using pure lemon juice without diluting it with water may have made me break out just a little. But I will continue to use if I ever wanted to boost my complexion or fade some dark spots fast, just will dilute with more water.
not impressed
on 08/06/2013
this stuff is the same as any medication, it will work for a while but your acne will eventually come back.
on 23/05/2013
I used proactive on and off when I was in high school and college, and no doubt it will clear your skin. But my god if you ever stop using it.............One week I decided to give my skin a break from all the harsh chemicals and also the three step system can get a little tiring. 2 to 3 weeks later I had one of the worst break outs ever.