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on 21/05/2013
Tea tree oil is a fantastic product. Personally, it has not cleared up my acne, but if used as a spot treatment repetitively throughout the day the pimples diminish very quickly.<br/>My greatest success is with my redness and minor scaring. I applied tea tree oil to my splotchy red patches of skin and it reduced the inflamation like a charm! I had to keep using it for about a month for noticeable results, but It was well worth it. Now my face is no longer red nor are my minor scars visible. Awesome!
on 21/05/2013
Hold on, step back and think about this before you lather up. This is oil, thick and slippery. Kind of like the oil you naturally produce. Coconut oil is nutritious and loaded with vitamins, but it is also an oil. Any dermatologist would scream "NO" about adding it to and already oily face.<br/>I tried this for about four days. I steamed my face with coconut oil and a dash of turmeric, then washed it off with soap. Day one looked good, my skin was soft and the redness was going away. Day two was even better, most acne fading and even smoother skin. Day three small pimples started appearing. Day four and I was back to where I'd started (but with smooth skin.) I figured I'd better stop, and now I have acne worse than before I started. I believe that although I washed my face the oil penetrated so deep that it is still causing problems weeks later.<br/>You can try this procedure on a small area of skin and see what happens. Don't jump in with your whole face until you can say for sure that this will/wont help. Honestly I'd advise against. Save the coconut oil for your split ends and dry hands. It shouldn't go on your face if you have acne problems.<br/>Instead opt for tea tree or thyme oil (which are much less dense than coconut oil, so they won't clog pores).