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on 19/05/2013
I have used Azclear lotion for 3 weeks with great results.. In Australia it only costs $10 over the chemist counter with no prescription or insurance required...I use it once a day coz I found using it twice a day was too drying. Every third night I skip it and only use Akin 100% pure rose hip oil. Also I no longer use harsh washes with salystic acid or benozyl peroxide...they simply strip my skin too much. So now I use Akin Pure Cleansing Gel. Once a week I use a generic Calamine lotion for a 30 minute mask to calm skin and draw out impurities. Anyone who is serious about clearing acne should also minimise sugar, wheat, red meats, coffee, and hot spices...these are flamatory so cause the skin to excrete more sebum.