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on 19/05/2013
When I first used this product, I was very excited. It seemed like it'd be easy to use, it smelled pretty nice, and when I washed it into my face, an intense, cool feeling breezed into my pores. Before I used to product, I had multiple, tiny pimple like bumps on my forehead that I could not seem to get rid of. I tried, unfortunately, popping them but they didn't seem to go away. I used the wash and they started to go away! Sounds like a miracle wash so far? Oh no no no. I guess since I messed with the pimples, it opened up the skin a little (there were no scabs or redness though??). About a day later, a weird, shiny layer of skin covered, what seemed like, my entire forehead! It was almost like a shiny, clear scab that I couldn't get off. Eventually, about a week or two later, the shiny coating peeled off and the pimples were gone. Although I loved the fact that those stubborn pimples were gone, I was not fond of the shiny skin. It's now been about a month and a half since that event and I am still getting weird patches of shiny skin, but this time, much worse and all over my face. This time, the patches are shiny, a brown/red color (not like a scab), very very big (almost an inch to a centimeter in diameter?), and everywhere! They leave scars and are very unsettling. There are currently 3 on my face and 3 that are recovering. Although I do believe this is partially my fault (I should have just left the pimples alone and let the X Out do it's stuff) but it's getting old.