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Best moisturizer I've had my hands on!
on 06/08/2014
I used this product through my whole Accutane course. Never was my skin peeling or rough feeling, like most Accutane users report. It soaks into the skin quickly. It's non oily and non comedogenic. It's easy to apply makeup after it soaks in. A lot of moisturizers I feel like they just sit on top of my skin and I tend to sweat underneath the moisturizer. I used this just after coming off of using Cetaphil, because Cetaphil broke me out, plus a million other reasons I didn't like it. My dermatologist recommend the ceraVe line and it's love in a jar.<br/>Even after coming off Accutane I am still using it nightly 2 years later. I thought it might be to heavy to use after Accutane since my skin would be nowhere near as dry as it was. I was wrong, it still does a great job!
It feels like conditioner on your face.
on 06/08/2014
I bought this cleanser only because every store in my area were out of the Cerave foaming cleanser. That is my go to cleanser. I figured the products couldn't be that much different. I was wrong, first of all this comes out of the bottle looking and smelling just like conditioner. Applying it to my face felt very gross, due to the conditioner feel. It also left a sort of film feeling over my skin. It does no foaming at all, so it took 2 to 3 pumps to remove my makeup and it wouldn't remove eye makeup at all. So I needed to use a different product for that entirely.<br/>Personally I would rather use CeraVe foaming wash or Purpose facial cleanser, and use a moisturizer separately.
Tried this twice
on 29/06/2013
I tried this twice and never got good results. After stopping and calling to cancel the order I was told oh mam proactive is meant for people with no acne. If you have acne you need the higher strength so like a sucker I ordered the advanced strength. Still no results waste of money
Selective coverage
on 29/06/2013
This was perfect for hiding those pesky little red marks left behind after acne. I didn't have have much luck with the product helping active zits look better I think that it made by active acne look worse.
High hopes
on 29/06/2013
I had really high hopes for this foundation I was so excited to give it a try. This company didn't have a tone light enough for me so they were mixing foundations to achieve the right color over a sephora. I left the store with not much coverage going on and the makeup felt heavy. I couldn't wait to wash it off. When I did my skin was very irrated and zits were to follow. Bummer thank hid sephora has a good return plan
Very Full coverage
on 29/06/2013
I got this as a sample from sephora when I was on the hunt for a full coverage hypo allergenic makeup. This is didn't like I got the lightest color they offered and it was still way to dark and my face isn't pale so I'm not sure whey there light is so dark. Coverage wasn't full. I had to build coverage and by the end of covering what I needed covered I looked like a clown, then the next morning I had new zits! Yaay
Not my favorite
on 29/06/2013
In my opinion this foundation doesn't provide much coverage at all and it's not buildable with out looking foolish. This hard to find a skin match with the colors they give you to choose from. All the colors are yellow tones to me or pink tones. I don't have anything like that I am a true nude so I don't need anything yellow or pink. Plus the pump on the bottle always breaks!
Nice colors and no breakouts!
on 29/06/2013
I love my Covergirl blush, I have been using if for 15 years and I've loved it since then. It is inexpensive, you can build coverage, lots of color choices, it is available at every drug store or big box store. It doesn't break me out and it doesn't wear off.
A product I can trust. Simple as that
on 26/06/2013
I am really liking this sun screen for my face. When the bottle sys fast drying they aren't kidding, this dries up quickly. It feels nice on my skin and isnt oily and greasy. What I like about this is it doesn't just sit on top of my face like oter sun screens. It is truly non comedogenic. My makeup goes on really well over it. It keeps my skin matte which is a big deal because other sunscreens make me look dewy and if I sweat it just sits under the sunscreen. It doesn't happen with this product. It doesn't smell like sunscreen to me it has a lemon scent to it. Which isn't my favorite but I wouldn't go a day without it. I'm using Aha and this product is saving me from sun damage.
I like it
on 18/06/2013
I used this makeup before I graduated into sephora makeup. I really liked,the coverage that it offered. It was hard to find a shade that matched my skin tone though. It seems to be a full coverage foundation and it was build able.