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Gives so much moisture!
on 28/02/2014
Moisturizes so so so well. It has a fantastic smell as well. Unfortunately, I can't really afford to buy this lately though, it is so expensive!
Cleared me in a matter of two months
on 28/02/2014
I started this when I was 16 and it cleared me in a matter of two months. I used this for another year and a half before my insurance wouldn't pick it up anymore. Sadly, I started breaking out again after I couldn't get this! Argh!!! But worked super well while I was on it.
Not extremely effective, but does calm acne down a bit
on 28/02/2014
I was using this in addition to doxycycline and eventually minocycline. It did seem to help calm my acne down a bit, though it was by no means a cure. I did become very sensitive to sunlight as well. I used it every night for 7 months and I just kept hoping it would clear me up for good. At least it didn't make me worse. Also, a little goes a long way. I only used two tubes in 7 months time.
Not effective for me
on 28/02/2014
I took this in conjunction with minocycline and a Retin-A cream. I applied it twice a day and didn't notice any difference after three months. I didn't get any worse as a result though. I did however become very sensitive to any sunlight.
Not as effective as I would have liked
on 28/02/2014
I used this after many months of not getting clear using doxycycline. I didn't get any worse while on minocycline, but I didn't necessarily get better. I think this med might have worked better had I not been working an outdoors summer job. I was in the sun all the time and it was very hot. Plus, I wasn't using the best cleanser either (oxy10). So maybe it would have worked if I had been in different conditions, that is the only reason I give it three stars.
Not effective for me
on 28/02/2014
My skin just was really sensitive to the sunlight, and it did not really improve my complexion at all. I didn't necessarily get worse, but I didn't get better either.
Quick relief, don't expect an absolute miracle though
on 05/02/2014
If you're in a pinch and need to get a whitehead away quick, this will do the trick. At the very least, it will reduce the size considerably. For me anyway, if I wanted a pimple gone, I would have to use it for at least two nights in a row to see good improvement. So don't wait till the last minute. Also, it is basically only effective on whiteheads. You put it on at night right before bed, and it's great because it makes it easier to resist the urge to pop the pimple. But it lasts a while, so it is a good investment. I'm a fan of Mario products in general.