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on 14/05/2013
I heard about coconut oil from a friend. She told me she met an older woman in her 50's who looked like she was in her late 20's!! the woman said she's been using coconut oil on her skin for like 15 years (its apparently amazing for wrinkles..not that i have any i'm only 25). So i decided to look up reviews for the oil like i do with every other product before i buy it and came across this forum and others saying its really affective for acne. I've also read that about products that weren't affective at all but seeing people claim that it worked when they've been struggling for years with acne and nothing worked i decided to buy some because i had nothing to lose my face was already horrible with acne and deep red/purple scars and its pretty cheap to buy! I bought the Nutiva brand and LOVE it. smells amazing and tastes pretty good too. I decided to just use the oil to cleanse my face instead of my regular "acne stress control" cleanser because i heard its also good as a cleanser as well as a moisturizer. At bed time i rinse my face with hot water then massage the oil onto my face for a few minutes and then i rinse it off and pat it dry gently and then rub some on my face as a moisturizer. I wake up and repeat. Sometimes i even do it in the middle of the day too around like 3 just because i like my face to feel super clean. I've only been using it for about 3 weeks and my skin has cleared right up! seriously tried everything including Proactive and Clinique acne solutions, Neutrogena Skin ID, antibiotics, etc. and my last resort was Accutaine( or however you spell it) and i really did NOT want to mess with that stuff. I'm so glad that i tried the coconut oil because its really cheap to buy and its also got multiple purposes if it doesn't work for your skin. I use it as a hair treatment, as a body moisturizer, sunsceen, deodorant (yes it really works), and i put it in my tea for the health benefits it has. Apparently ingesting it can help your skin too. If you're skeptical about it and thinking...oh its going to clog my pores really doesn't. If it does you are probably using the wrong kind. Make sure its organic, extra virgin, unrefined! My skin is also really oily and it helped that too. So if you're skin is bad and you don't want to use medication and expensive products just give it a try and if it does make it worse for some strange reason then you can stop but at least give it a try I'm SO glad i did! And its also lightening my scars a lot too!=) I really wish i had known about this sooner so i could have gone without all the scars that acne has left!