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  1. Hey thanks, I haven't tried that one yet. Do I need prescription for that? If not, how much do I need to take, and for how long? Thank you
  2. Please Help, bad PIH/Acne (pics, please reply)

    Looks like cystic acne Accutane would get rid of, if you can afford it, i'd say give it a go. Your acne looks like so many people's acne on tumblr with Accutane blogs and they've had amazing results. There are many horror stories about accutane out there, but personally, I didn't have any health problem with it. Only the expected initial breakout, and extremely flaky skin, but at the end it was very worth it.
  3. I'm sooo tired of my acne, I don't even know what type of acne it is. It doesn't look and feel "normal" like red pimples that hurt. No, what I have is like thousands of very tiny non-painful bumps all over my face. Some can be extracted, some not. Those that can be extracted are like small hard blackheads, except that they don't have the black head, they're just white, and sometimes they are a very small amount of waxy sebum. I think i have tried everything under the sun. Steaming, clay masks, expensive acne soaps, turmeric masks (and other DIY masks), wash my face with head and shoulders, dish soap, coconut oil, (and many other types of natural oils ), wash my face with bottled water, with distilled water, pore strips, Korean charcoal masks, raw vegan diet, cut dairy from diet, drink more water, moisturize more, leave my face alone, mineral makeup, sunscreen,Isotretinoin, both control pills, fish oil, etc, etc, etc. But those stupid are still there, and all over my face!! I hate to see myself in mirror because of the very gross bumpy skin texture I have. I'm pretty sure I'm still single because my skin grosses boys out lol. A little background: They seem to be "migrating". They started off on my forehead when i was 12. The rest of my face was clear. Years later my forehead became clear but the bumps appeared on my cheeks, I started Isotretinoin when I was like 21 or so, and they became cystic acne. I continued the treatment anyway and my skin was pretty decent for a while (A year maybe) Now they're back again but they're all over my face!! Forehead, cheeks and chin, but especially cheeks, and lately at the sides of my chin. What's this skin condition???? Any cure??! :'(