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on 07/05/2013
Feeling quite discouraged right now and and a little jealous of the people who are having positive outcomes from this product. I was first put on the mild gel which didn't clear up my acne completely but I felt it kept it at bay.. When I was done my first tube and went to get more i found out they were no longer receiving it anymore.. Not sure why but I think it has to do with the French and English bull**** going on in Quebec right now. So I called a few places and one pharmacy had it but only the "regular gel" so I figured hey it would probably work better then the mild.. Well it's been about 2 weeks I've been using it and I've broken out horribly. Mostly around my jaw line and chin.. Very inflamed red and painful, they are like hard balls that are taking forever to heal. I know it gets worse before it gets better but this is just killing me.. Trying my best to stay positive and not give up but I can't even look at myself anymore. Even feeling more acne under the skin which sucks because that will be coming up soon and adding to my already horrible skin. Hoping this clears up soon.. Been over 10 years dealing with severe acne :( I'm pressing "recommend" because it seems to work for more people then not work.